Ice Skating in Madonna di Campiglio

One of the many activities that you can do in the charming location of Madonna di Campiglio in Trentino, is Ice Skating, a fun sport that thrills both big and small. The artificial lake is just 50m from the hotel and offers the possibility of skating in the open air surrounded by the mountains.

Inside the Chalet Laghetto you will find the ice-skating office, where you can hire ice skates and also helmets, protection that is necessary, especially for children. You can relax whilst skating, or maybe try pirouetting or jumping whilst on the iced surface. Usually the ice-rink is open from December until March, but this does very much depend on the atmospheric conditions. During the summer you can enjoy some fishing.

The rink is not only equipped with ice-skates, but also a shower area and a Bar where you can enjoy a hot chocolate after skating with your family and friends. The rink itself is supervised by experts who monitor the skaters, be they beginners or professionals.

In Pinzolo, not far from Madonna di Campiglio, you will find the modern Stadio del Ghiaccio; a large covered stadium with an Olympic size artificially frozen rink, offering all the necessary services. Here you can follow an ice-skating course organised by professionals who will teach you the secrets of this sport.

Both beginners and more advanced skaters, according to their own personal level, can choose lessons of varying length and on various days. Ice-skating is definitely one of the principle sports in this region, and always attracts many visitors.

At the rink, besides the many sporting events and competitions, you may be lucky enough to be able to watch a show, with some of the many International Ice-skating Stars that skate there. The stadium also offers comfortable seating, changing rooms, plenty of parking, a bar, accommodation for 16 people and a well equipped Gym. There is also Ice Hockey, Curling, Speed Skating and Broomball practised.

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